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Since 2002

Don Bosco Foundation

Inspired by the teachings of Don Bosco, the Don Bosco Foundation carries out processes of social transformation for children and adolescents who are in vulnerable situations, due to poverty conditions; ensuring their cultural, social, educational, health and environmental development from the full exercise of their rights according to the evolutionary stage they are going through.

Initial education

In the Laura Vicuña Program we promote the development of children through educational services, focused on stimulation, psychomotor development, nutrition and health since 2002.

Pedagogical Reinforcement

In the Casa Amigos de Don Bosco Program we dedicate all our efforts to strengthen the educational processes of students who request attention in directed tasks and academic feedback.

Achievements and Results

The social programs of the Don Bosco Foundation benefit hundreds of children and adolescents, along with their families, through educational, social and health services to strengthen their skills and abilities, contributing to improve their quality of life.


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Join us to help the Don Bosco Foundation change the lives of children and adolescents in Ecuador. With your donation, we can provide education, healthcare and other essential services to those who need it most.

Make your donation today and make a difference in the lives of our children.

Father Pio Baschirotto

The Don Bosco Foundation was created in 2002 through the efforts of Father Pio Baschirotto, a Salesian priest, who had the initiative to establish the ideal conditions and spaces in which to provide quality and warm educational services focused on children.

Our Benefactors

Ecuador Foundation "Licht Und Schatten"

Before 2022 it was known as Asociación Ecuador Licht Und Schatten (Light and Shadow), but as of June 2022 it was recognized by the competent German authority to change its name to Fundación Ecuador Licht Und Schatten (Ecuador Light and Shadow), a non-profit organization founded in 1995 on the initiative of Ms. Sissi Pöschl in the city of Landshut - Bavaria (Germany).

On one of Sissi's trips to Ecuador she saw the great problems of many children in Ecuador and decided to help the poorest of Calderon (north of Quito) with the support of Father Pio Baschirotto.

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